Tip 1 for Alarm Type Selection

Consider swtiching to vibration mode when care-giver/parent need a rest from looking after the baby.

Tip 2 for Wake up / Continuous Movement

The wake-up / continuous movement alert is meant to inform caregivers / parents when the baby has awaken, is crying or agitated. The alert function will be activated only after the baby is asleep for more than 5 minutes. Only place the baby on the mat during baby nap / sleep time.

Tip 3 for Mat & Parent Control Unit - Low Battery Indiciation

To conserve battery power, switch off the matt and Parent Control Unit after use every day.


Tip 4

  1. Add 1cm maximum of thickness limit for cloth material between baby & mat.
  2. For better result, to place the baby on the mat such that the chest / back body area lies on the upper or lower part of the mat. Avoid the mid-point folding area of the mat.