Infant Snooze

iBabyGuard™ Infant Snooze is the Award Winning Multi-Featured
Baby Sleep Monitor that Detects & Actively Dispalys your Baby's Breath Count on
Your Apple & Android Devices



Dimension of Infant Snooze : 620mm x 321mm 
Power Supply : 4 x AA dry cell battery
For best performance, Lithium dry cell battery is recommended
(Parent Unit Sold Separately) 





You can now use your Apple & Android Devices to monitor your sleeping baby

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Infant Snooze



BabyGuard™ Infant Snooze Features:

1. Graphically Display the following Breath Movement patterns on a Apple & Android Devices:

i)      Breath Movements
ii)     No Breath  Movements “00”
iii)    Waking Movements “M”
iv)    Baby Absence “—"

Our Wake-up Technology is the Most Advance in the World, using Dual Sensing which Encompasses Fiber Optic and Sound!

2. Displays sleeping Baby's Activity Log and Status for Up To 7 days  No need for manual recording by parent/caregiver!

3. Streams MP3 audio files from Apple & Android Devices to Infant Snooze. i.e. lullabies, 'mommy's womb music', e-books and even your voice recording

4. Room Ambient Temperature Sensing 

 5. Two-way Audio Communication with Baby only from Parent Unit to Infant Snooze (Optional item)

Now every Smart Parent can REST & WORK IN PEACE with this Awesome Award Winning Baby Sleep Monitor


Ease of Use with 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Download & Set Up Apps on Apple & Android Devices
  2. Baby Sleeps on Infant Snooze
  3. Power on Infant Snooze & Monitoring starts

App Links :

Apple Devices

Android Devices

Safe for the Baby, Easy to Use and Totally portable!

* Reliability & Accuracy Proven: The Fiber-Optic Technology has been Test-Bedded and Validated in Singapore Largest Paediatrics Hospital.

* No more constant pacing to & fro baby's nursery!

* No more sleeping with half-eye or ears open in case baby needs you!

* Battery Operated. No more cords & wires!

Infant Snooze is your answer to hassle-free and smart monitoring of your sleeping baby.

This revolutionary baby monitor will Actively Alarm you just when baby needs you most... so that you can DO YOUR PART!


  iBabyGuard™ Infant Snooze @ Work in Hospitals

"Handle Infant Snooze Like Your Baby"




iBabyGuard International is the Manufacturer of the Infant Snooze
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