Welcome To iBabyGuard™-The World's 1st Award Winning Baby SLEEP Monitor That Detects & Actively Displays Your Baby's Breath Count On Your Apple & Android Devices.

iBabyGuard™ Is Honoured To Have Won:
Hong Kong Toys & Baby Products Award Best Of Fair, Nursery Electrical Appliances. 
In 2012 & Now Again In 2013!!! An Unprecedented 2 Years Running!!!
iBabyGuard™ Is An Award Winning Baby SLEEP Monitor That Feels Your Baby's Most Subtle Breath, Even While Your Baby Is Asleep. Unless They Are Crying, Babies Can Keep Very Still When Sleeping, Till Now, The Best Monitoring Options For Parents Have Been Audio, Video monitors or Under-mattress Movement Sensors, Neither Can Monitor A Baby's Breath Count, And New Mothers Are Naturally Anxious To Know If Their Little Ones Are Still Breathing. iBabyGuard™ Will Sound An Alarm Alerting You To Check On Your Baby, When There's No Breath Count Detected Over 15 Seconds.

iBabyGuard™ Is A Revolutionary Baby SLEEP Monitor That Is Able To Feel Every Breath That Your Baby Takes Just By Having Your Baby Sleep On It.

Test-Bedded & Validated In Singapore's Largest Baby Hospital, iBabyGuard™ Is The Only Baby SLEEP Monitor That Is Being Recommended & Sold by Pediatricians Worldwide.


My baby Kaiser is currently 3 months old.  I have a peace in mind ever since I started using iBabyGuard Infant Snooze.  It is helpful especially in the night as I know it will alert me whenever necessary.  The devise is user-friendly too.  I will definitely recommend to my friends and relatives.

Jessica Tay
2 month old infant's mother

I was a hugely nervous first time mom, anxious as to how I was ever going to manage to do things right. iBabyguard Infant Smart Mat should be bundled together with every infant who leaves the hospital.


Thank you iBabyGuard infant Smart Mat, you give me a peace of mind! :)

Jeslyn Chia
3 month old infant's mother

We definitely would recommend iBabyGuard Infant Smart Mat to other parents. We have a attention seeking 3 year old, Avril. The baby mat alerts us whenever there is a need so I know I could concentrate on Avril while knowing that my baby is 'in good hands'. Bonus is the monitor goes with us everywhere! Doubles up as a portable mattress for baby.


Scouting for a wireless monitoring system for my second baby, finally found iBabyGuard infant Smart Mat. This is not an ordinary monitoring system; it can detect breath count too. It is value for money.

Georgie, London

This is my first baby so I have really fretted about her breathing etc... This product did cost us alot of money though far cheaper through you then other places I had looked. I feel alot more secure knowing that I can monitor the baby on every nap. I am able to do more around the house, and feel like motherhood is alot less stressful.


iBabyGuard infant Smart Mat a good monitoring system, can’t leave home without it.


I came across the iBabyguard infant Smart mat in the infant care centre where I leave my baby girl there when I go to work. The teacher told me it is a useful monitoring system. A month ago, my baby girl down with flu and she did not seem to be very well so I decided to buy the mat to monitoring her. After using for a month, I found it is very good system and it really gives me a peace of mind.

Lim Tian Ying
4 month old infant's mother

I am absolutely proud that of all the baby monitors that are available in the market, our very own home-grown
iBabyGuard Infant Smart Mat is really a world leader! It is really a breath of fresh air to my worries. Now I can sleep better.

Jamie Rosemary

Being a first time mummy, I am so helpless without much help from anywhere as my maternity family is in Hong Kong and Charles,my hubby is out station most of the time. Not to mention my little girl is premature.My heart broke when I first saw her so frail and weak. Thank you so much for the care of NICU nurses but when I am home, I am all alone.

My friend recommended me to use iBabyGuard Infant Smart mat to assist me and relieve me so that when my little darling sleep I can sleep peacefully knowing she is breathing well and being monitored. She is now a bouncing lovely baby and me a happy mummy while using Infant Smart Mat. I would like to recommend this to all mummies up there that you are not alone as you can rely on iBabyGuard Infant Smart Mat.

Funky Daddy

I definitely go ga ga with iBabyGuard infant Smart Mat, a great gift for my Darling and little darling!

Mrs Lim

Devastated, when Claudia was suffering from bronchitis at 2 weeks old. After all the medical care from hospital, we search for a good home care monitoring system that able to detect breath count to ensure Claudia is in good care while we are sleeping too. Through a friend, we get to know about iBabyGuard infant Smart Mat, we have been using it for 3 months and it is indeed a good monitoring system for breath count.


A Baby shower gift that comes as a surprise! Wondering what is it, iBabyGuard infant Smart Mat? After using it for 2 months, it is a very helpful, simple monitoring system even gadget idiot like me knows how to operate. Come with full functions as a monitoring system that measures breath count! Great gift for BB Greg and I. Thank you my discerning friend! Luv ya iBabyGuard!!!

Mon Wai

iBabyGuard is truly a useful innovation, taking the guesswork out of checking whether baby is sleeping well, awake or require attention. This is especially helpful in the night whereby the parents can sleep better knowing that iBabyGuard will alert the parents when necessary. The device is also simple to operate.Thank you.


After reading much about SIDS, I decided to get a monitoring system that able to detect breath count. A nurse from ParentCraft centre recommended iBabyGuard infant Smart Mat. It is very useful and reliable and now I can sleep well or doing my household chores without worrying while baby sleep.

37 yrs Mother of 4 months old Baby Tess

iBabyGuard Infant Smart Mat is not just another Baby Shower gift! It's should be made COMPULSORY for all babies! The day the "00" alarm ( no breathing alarm ) went off, it was quite a life-awakening moment for me! To know that I was just there to pick baby up and to be able to do something is really daunting thought! Thank goddness baby came around after some nudging. iBabyGuard Infant Smart Mat gives me sanity and a true peace!

35 yrs Father of Baby Joel ( 2 months old)

My concerned parents bought the iBabyGuard Infant Smart Mat for me after seeing it at the hospital which my baby is delivered. They were baffled why people would leave to "chance" about the well-being of their precious baby when they can just use the Infant Smart Mat!? My parents insist that baby Joel should be monitored on the baby monitor wherever he goes and whenever he sleeps. Then, they say they have a "PEACE OF MIND"! Grandparents RULE!

40 yrs Mother of 3 month old Baby Gisele

No more pacing to & fro baby's cot for me to check on baby after using the iBabyGuard Infant Smart Mat! Well, I still do just to place safe every now and then but ultimately I know that I have another "eyes & ears" there with baby even when I am sleeping. If only I had this incredible baby mat with my first baby, then I would have a lot less "worried" wrinkles and white hair. iBabyGuard ...A Must Have for everyone's well-being!

Shermaine Tan
3 month old infant's mother

iBabyGuard Infant Smart Mat works better than we expected. We were so pleased at how easy is to use and amazed by the fact that we could actually see how many breaths baby is taking! Good bye to endless worrisome peeks into baby cot. Definitely more rest for me. Such a peace of mind!

Lucinda Teo
1 1/2 month old infant's mother

Hi there, I just wanted to share how pleased after trying iBabyGuard Infant Smart Mat. Being first time parents, the baby monitor gave us our ease of mind especially right after our confinement nanny left us. I know I could juggle the household matters and yet have my baby is safely monitored. Feels like the nanny is still around. This is truly the best you can give your baby and yourself!

Sng Hwee Yee
1 month old infant's mother

With iBabyGuard Infant Smart Mat, both my husband and I don't have to worry that our 2 month old baby will get suffocated as we will automatically get an alarm to alert us. Thank you loads for such an invaluable product!

Busy Mummy

It came as a surprise when I have my 3rd child, Sunny, a gift from God. Juggling with 2 big girls and Sunny are both taxing and tiring. I have to teach my 2 girls with their school work while looking after Sunny. He is such a light sleeper that I have to isolate him from the 2 sisters. I have to run from room to room, checking on him occasionally while teaching my girls while he is sleeping. Then I found a good monitoring system, iBabyGuard infant smart mat from the internet that can assist me. It’s such a good monitoring system that can even detect breath count.